Core training is essential.

Whether your an athlete or not, there needs to be much attention paid to your abs.

I love finishing my training sessions off with ab circuits.

This last training session I hit a really BRUTAL ab finisher.

In this finisher, I used 4 different movements.  I’ll explain why I used each one.

The first movement I used was HEAVY Farmer Carries.

These are great to tax the whole body.  When you hit these you’ll target your shoulders, back, forearms, grip, ABS, and legs.  I used this first to really turn my abs on.

When you have a heavy load on farmer carries, you are forced to use your abs a ton just to stay in good position.  You must keep your chest up and out and your shoulder blades rolled back.  To stay tall, you have to have your abs acitvated.

This puts your abs under some good time under tension to start the circuit off.

The second movement I hit are wheel rollouts. These are great at hitting your abs hard.  This movement will hit your shoulders, triceps, chest, and abs.  Depending on how far you roll out, you can hit your abs even harder.  I like hitting higher reps around 15-30 with these.

After the roll outs, I come back with a rotational movement.  The third movement I used in this circuit was the Russian Twist with a 25 lb med ball.   Lots of people neglect rational ab movements and focus to much on straight flexion and extension exercises.  These will hit your obliques very well.  I like to hit around 10-20 reps each side.

For the last movement, I do a Weighted Plank hold but with some weight for added resistance.  Once you get to a certain point with planks, it doens’t do much good just to hold a plank for 90 secs+.  Once you get to that point, it’s smart to add resistance either by using weight or a band.

For these I added some extra weight.  The focus on planks is to “lock your abs in tight” and stay rigid for the whole time your in position.  This means NEVER letting your hips sag and/or lower back arch.  To stay straight, you must keep your abs tight.

I hold this position for as long as I can stand.  A good goal would be for 60 secs.



1A) Farmer Carries x max

1B) Wheel Rollouts x 15-30

1C) Med Ball Russian Twists x 10/side

1D) Weight Plank x max time

Hit it up after your next training session!

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