So in the last few weeks I’ve been traveling into “Uncharted Territory”.

I say this because I’m doing quite a few things I haven’t done before.

Going into the UNKNOWN is something you must do if you want to climb to the top.

I for one have always been against high rep Olympic movement training.

Crossfit is known for it’s high rep “metcon” style training with Olympic movements such as cleans, jerks, snatches, and such.

I was always taught to keep your form super strict and tight and focus on powerful, clean reps.

The past fews weeks I have been getting more in depth with Crossfit workouts and have been battling with the high rep metcon workouts that include Olympic movements.

In this video I have for you on this post, I hit a brutal 12-9-6 set for time with squat power cleans and muscle ups.  My time was 7:52.  I think I could have shaved about 20-30 secs off my time if I was able to go unbroken on my muscle ups.


I will continue to work!

I try to keep the best form I can on the squat cleans.  The challenge is that I’ve never attacked these with high reps before.

It’s been interesting!

But it also like I stated above…


This means breaking the rules and training without limits.  You must go against the grain!    You must dig deep and discover knew paths on your own.

But, one important thing to know is that Olympic lifts, such as cleans, snatches, jerks, ect are EXCELLENT movements that everyone should include into their program one way or another.

For a beginner, it takes time to learn the proper form.  It can take years!  It’s an Olympic sport!

But the important thing is to start adding cleans, jerks, and snatches into your program if they’re not already in place.

I’ll continue to work at my form and technique while attacking more high rep metcons.

Quick question for you, what are your thoughts on High Rep Training with Olympic Movements???

Let me know in the comments!