It’s that time of the week!

Time for another Hardcore Hundred!

This week I focused 100% on hitting the core!  This is what an AB ASSAULT is like!

I prefer to hit this type of Hardcore Hundred after your regular training sessions.

Great to finish the abs off.

I can remember back in High School when we used to do abs circuits after wresting practice.  I would stay after and do double.  The main reason I did that was because when i was younger, I had a sports herneria.

I had a small tear in my abdominal wall right above my belly button.  It didn’t hurt but I had an odd looking bump protruding out of my stomach.

Not Cool!

The doctor had said it was propably from wrestling and having WEAK ABS.

So from that day forth, I have trained my abs relentlessly.

Having a strong set of abs goes a lot further than just having a “nice” looking set of RIPPED ABS.

BUT, having SHREDDED ABS in nice too….

Try for SHOW and GO and not just SHOW.  Especially if you’re an athlete.  You must have strong and functional abs!

I say that in order to start doing different types of advanced ab movements, you need to have your baseline strength down first.

Here are my minimum requirements:

  • Ab Plank x 60 secs
  • Side Plank x 45 sec / side
  • 10 Hanging Leg Raises w/ solid form (no swinging)
  • 15 Wheel Rollouts w/ solid form

Now with that being said, make sure you can hit each of these exercises at their minimum!

It’s foolish to try and do advanced ab movements without having proper strength first.

Keep that in mind when training your abs!

Hardcore Hundred – AB ASSAULT!


1A) 20 x Hanging Leg Raises

1B) 20 x TRX Pike

1C) 20 x Side To Side Leg Raises

1D) 20 x TRX Knee Tucks

1E) 20 x V- Seats

My abs were BURNING at the end of this!

This is a KILLER way to finish off a workout!

Give it a try and post your comments!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!