So, in just another week, I’m going to be unleashing something new and very powerful that I know is going to help you accelerate your results.

“Mr Workout Finisher’s” Mike Whitfield and I have teamed up and we’ve got something real special in store for you.

This new program will be a true game changer as you’ll be able add it into virtually any program out there, even the one you’re currently doing.

I’ll be sharing more on the “what” in the blog post below, but first I wanted to let all of you crazy hardcore mo’ fo’s out there in on how you can WIN yourself a FREE copy of the whole Hardcore Workout Finisher’s Program.

So, let’s get into HOW you can win 31 Hardcore Workout Finishers…

Watch This Video FIRST:


Here’s the Demo of The Hardcore 250:


The Hardcore 250:

Perform The Hardcore 250 as fast as humanly possible with good form:

1A) Burpee + Pull Ups x 10

1B) Goblet Squat x 30

-must use at least a 40 lbs weight of your choice

-for reps to count – you must get ass to grass and hips extended at the top

1C) Hand Release Push Ups x 30

-chest must touch floor – hand must come up

1D) Burpee Chin Up x 10

1E) Goblet Lunge x 20 / leg

-must use same weight as you did with goblet squats

1F) Mountain Climbers x 15 / side

1G) Jumping Jacks x 100

-hands must touch overhead

-feet must get wider then shoulder width

As soon as you touch you fingers on the 100th Jack, you’re done.

Make sure to time yourself and film the whole workout – start to finish

To enter The Hardcore 250 Challenge and be eligible to take home The 31 Hardcore Workout Finishers package for FREE, you must do the following no later then Sunday, May 20th @ 5pm CST

-Submit your video to YouTube

-Name your video “The Hardcore Workout Finishers Challenge”

-add in the link  – into the description of the video

-have your total time listed in the description of the video

-Submit your video to this blog post below in the comments when finished

-DEADLINE to enter – Sunday, May 20th @ 5pm CST

ALSO, just to let you know, who ever WINS will be getting ALL of the BONUSES we’re including in with this program as well!

At this time I can’t reveal what the bonuses are just yet, but when the time comes, you’ll find out.

Bottom Line – Hardcore Workout Finishers is going to kick some major ass!  I hope you’re ready! 

The Challenge officially starts now! 

I’m looking forward to seeing some 110% H.A.M. efforts and videos from you crazy mo fo’s out there!

Get your mind set on BEASTmode and go! 

Win or not, this challenge is worth it, so let’s make it happen!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Make sure to post up your video and results in the comments below BEFORE Sunday, May 20th @ 5pm CST!