Up to this point, every HARDCORE HUNDRED has been strictly bodyweight…

Until today!

I gave in to the extreme urge and I included a bit of kettlebell work in this weeks Hardcore Hundred!

The movement I choose to include is non other than the kettlebell swing!  Probably one of the BEST movements you can do to increase power, build lean muscle, and torch fat off your body!

More people need to wake up and discover the kettlebell swing!  Athletes especially!

When it comes to SERIOUS bodyweight training, kettlebells mix in well.  It’s easy to transition between bodyweight movements and kettlebell movements.

For this week’s Hardcore Hundred, it worked well!

Check it out!  And if you have a kettlebell, get to work with it!


1A) Kettlebell Swing (KBS) x 10

1B) Push Up to Knee Tuck x 20

1C) KBS x 10

1D) Bulgarian Split Squat x 20

1E) KBS x 10

1F) Bulgarian Split Squat x 20

1G) KBS x 10

Go H.A.M. with this one!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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