What’s up all you HARDCORE Followers!

This post is dedicated to a special someone in my life.

I’ve had the up most pleasure of having him be apart of my life for the last 31 months.

He accompanies me to the gym when I need a workout partner, comforts me when I’m in need of a friend, and I know he’s got my back 110%! I know I can depend on him to always to show me love!

The man I talk about is non other than “Mr Lean and Mean” himself, Kain Stoetzel, who’s my 2 and 1/2 year old boxer!

He’s my main man!  I try to take him everywhere with me!

Not sure if there are other DOG lovers out there reading this right now, but I’m sure you can relate with me when I say he’s a big part of my life!

He’s like my son!  I love him dearly and would do just about anything for the guy!

Here’s what I love most about “Mr. Lean and Mean”…

  • He’s always there to great me at the door when I come home.  (Even when he’s gotten into a little bit of mischief…)
  • He’s a great napping partner (most of the time) 😉
  • He don’t have a ANGRY bone in his body
  • He’s always looking for more friends (this don’t matter if its the dog next door or the mailman)
  • He’s always easy to make me happy when I’m feeling down.
  • He’s got endless energy!
  • I’m pretty sure he would make one hell of a guard dog if I ever needed him for that.
  • He’s great on walks and runs!
  • He LOVES being at my gym with me!  (He’ll NEVER turn down a good sled dragging session 😉 )

  • He’s always down for a good wrestling / grappling match too!

The only things I hold against him is that he takes up most the space in my bed at night and he’ll rarely ever let me sleep past 7am on the weekends.  I’m usually up every morning around 440am so sleeping in for me is 800am but he rarely ever lets that happen…

Overall, he’s my number one man!  I love him!

You may have seen him making small appearances in my videos in the background.  He’s always trying to get in on the action!

You’ll be seeing more from Mr Lean and Mean as I’ll be posting up special “Mr. Lean and Mean’s Tips” included in with my blog posts!

I’ll officially start with this post….

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!