Are you an INTERVAL freak?

You like quick sets of 10, 20, 30 sec rounds??

Are you a fan of the Tabata??

Well how about some 40 secs ALL OUT goes??

If you’re trying to improve work capacity or your overall “HORSE POWER”, these 40 sec goes will help you do that.

Just note, 40 sec rounds aren’t going to be optimal if you’re trying to improve overall explosive power.  These rounds are a little too long for that.  Instead, since these 40 sec ALL OUT rounds are a little longer, you’ll be dipping into your power endurance quite a bit.

The goal is to go at as high of an intensity as you can for the 40 secs.  You’ll be getting a rather large break with 5 mins.  Which, if you’re in good condition, is more than enough time to fully recover from each set.  That is the KEY!  Near close to FULL recovery between each set!

We want to be able perform each set as close to 100% effort a possible!  If we aren’t fully recovered for these, our sets will be a waste of time for what we’re working towards.

We’re looking to improve overall work capacity, which in my own words is the ability to move at a very high intensity, if not ALL OUT for a extended period of time.   Having a high level of work capacity will also allow you to perform multiple bursts of extended amounts of ALL OUT movement with little to no rest.

Work capacity is CRITICAL to have if you’re an MMA fighter, wrestler, football player, or any other type of combative athlete that will use ALL OUT bursts of power, speed, and strength multiple times over and over in a bout, match, or game.

Another HUGE bonus that these 40 sec ALL OUT GOES will help you build that is ESSENTIAL to your overall success in anything is MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Trust me on this.  Once you get onto round #3, 4, 5… mental toughness is going to push you through the set, not your work capacity.

You can perform 40 sec intervals with just about any FUNCTIONAL type movement you want.  My favorites are the following:

  • Battling Rope (seen in video)
  • Air Dyne Bike
  • Rower
  • On the track or treadmill
  • Burpees
  • Medicine ball movements (slams, squat presses, tosses)
  • Sledgehammer swings
  • Banded Movements such as sprints, side shuffles, back pedals
  • Versa-Climber
  • Mountain Climbers

The options are limitless.  The main key is that the movements allow you to move at top or near top speed.  Going ALL OUT is the key to these sets.

In this video below, you’ll see me perform some ALL OUT 40 Sec Goes with the battling rope.  These are beyond nasty!

What I did was throw in leg work with some stationary high knees to force my whole body to work in these.   The more of my body I make work, the better OVERALL shape I’ll get in!

These are absolutely BRUTAL!  So Use Caution!


40 Sec All OUT Goes – Battling Rope

7 Rounds x 40 secs w/ a 5 min break in between

***If you’re wondering how I time my intervals, I use my a cool little FREE app I downloaded on my Android phone called THE HIIT Interval Timer.  It kicks total ass and is 100% FREE!  Plus you can play any type of music you want over the top while it’s running.

You gotta go H.A.M. big time with these!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!