We are going back to Old School and hitting push ups for this weeks Hardcore Hundred!

Push ups are one of the KEY movements you should be able to eat for breakfast.

You should be able to pop off 30 with no problem.  Push ups are an EXCUSE-FREE movement as you don’t need any equipment, space, or time.  Just hit em on command!

Now I’m talking FULL RANGE push ups!  Not inch push ups.  Chest should graze the floor or get a few inches from it and your elbows should get close to lockout at the top.

Most people rock half motion push ups.  Those will do you no good!  Go full range with fewer reps and you’ll be way better off than doing double the amount of crappy reps.

Another bonus about push ups is the VARIAITIONS you have.

There’s an endless amount!

  • regular grip push ups
  • close grip
  • wide grip
  • finger tip
  • fist push ups
  • single arm push ups
  • hand elevated push ups
  • feet elevated push ups
  • ring, blast strap, or TRX push ups
  • medicine ball push ups
  • plyo push ups
  • switching push ups
  • weighted push ups

The list goes on and on!

Really you’re only limited by your imagination!

In this week’s Hardcore Hundred, I did 5 different variations of push ups.

I hit 20 reps of each variation.  Probably should of hit this BEFORE my workout.  I was a little a toasted.

Just make sure you not consistently going to failure when doing your push ups.  You want to try and be as explosive as you possibly can with each rep.

Every now and then you got to go all out and hit failure to gain a little bit of ground!

Hit this one up!


Hardcore Hundred – 100 Push ups

1A) Neutral Grip Push Ups on DB’s

1B) Close Grip Push Ups (these burned me out a bit)

1C) Wide Grip on DB’s

1D) Switching Push Ups

1E) Angled Push Ups on DB’s

Push Ups….  Get em in!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!