If you’re an athlete, it’s ESSENTIAL to be able to create lots of POWER quickly.

The faster you can do this, the more power you’ll be able to produce.

The more power you can produce, the HIGHER you can jump!

I’m a HUGE fan of doing different types of plyometrics in my training.  If you want to increase your speed, jumping ability, quickness, and overall explosiveness, you MUST do different forms of plyometrics.

One of my favorite plyometric jump variations is the kneeling jump to box jump.

I do these in a few different ways.

One jump is more for HEIGHT where I try to jump high after the initial kneeling jump onto a box.  The other jump is more for HEIGHT + DISTANCE where I’ll jump up and out after my initial kneeing jump onto the box.

The kneeling jump is an excellent movement to use to help increase explosive quickness in the hips.  If you can’t get up to your feet from your knees, your too slow and you have to increase your overall quickness in your hips and legs.

Another great aspect to kneeling jumps is it teaches athletes to get back into an “advantageous” position. Being on your knees in any sport isn’t the best possible position you can be in.  In fact, being on your knees in 99.9 percent of all sports is BAD!  So the faster you can get back to your feet, the better!

Try out these two KNEELING JUMP variations and throw them into your program at the BEGINNING of your workout.   Do 20 total jumps broken up in either sets of 4 or 5.


Live Aggressive and get Strong!


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