10 Ways On How To Implement Bands Into Your Training Program For More Results

It’s been asked by many of my Hardcore Readers on how to properly implement resistance bands into their training program.

Well, I got 10 HARDCORE answers right here!

Before we get started, I use Performax Bands.  These are a ton more versatile than your normal resistance bands you see out there.  They’re strong and come in a bunch of different varieties for different strength levels and uses.

Now, let’s talk about how you can get STRONGER, FASTER, LEANER, and MORE EXPLOSIVE by using bands!

1) Band Pull Parts

This is a staple in my warm up system.  I was told by a great coach to do 50 of these before and after your workout to help build a STRONG back.  It’s build up my back strength and has help add some lean muscle as well!

2) Improve Vertical Jump and Explosive Power

You can use bands to aid in your jump training.  I prefer to strap up in the bands and do both vertical and box jumps.  The bands really force you to explode and accelerate all the way through the movement.

3) Resisted Ab Training

Doing resisted planks, mountain climbers, side planks, knee tucks are all excellent ways to really crank up your core strength.   Doing these will aid in strengthening you lower back as well.

4) Barbell Speed Work

If you’re familiar with any work Westside Barbell does in their training programs, you would know that speed work is a staple in getting people stronger and faster.

I prefer doing banded barbell deadlifts where I focus on doing a lighter weight coupled up with band tension.  The focus is on bar speed, not weight.  The band tension serves as a great way to help you really push to accelerate through the lift.  Doing so will help increase your overall lifting speed which will cross over into sports.

Here’s the “Band Man” himself, Dave Schmitz showing you how to do it:


5) Partner Sprint Training

Bands are great to use for resisted sprint training.   Get in a thick green band with a partner, and sprint away!  These are great for helping build up acceleration and power for sprinting.

6) Multi-Directional Speed, Power, and Quickness Development

Similar to partner band sprints, now you work lateral and backwards movements.  The band tension forces you to EXPLODE through the movements which help increase overall power development.  These drills can also be used as conditioning as well (as seen below by some of my fighters)


7) Fat Shredding Full Body Metabolic Circuits

Pick an interval, pick 4-10 banded bodyweight movements and get to work!


8) KB Banded Movements

Take your regular kettlebell swings and turn them into an even more explosive power movement!  Or you can do different banded movements, such as presses, rows, and squats.

9) Bodyweight Resistance

Performax Bands are a great way to take your regular bodyweight movements to the next level (as seen in the Band Metabolic Circuit Video above).

Band tension is so much different that your regular weighted vests and chains where as you lengthen the bands, they get tighter.  This really forces you to move fast through your movements.

10) Stretching

Watch these videos!  Stretching with bands has taken my mobility and flexibility to new levels!  Again, a BIG Thanks to “The Band Man” Dave Schmitz, who is the owner and creator of Performax Bands for posting up such great videos!



Now you have some more uses for bands!

Get after it!

Make sure to leave your questions and comments!