The nice weather is upon us!

Finally its time to start taking off the layers of clothing and showing what we have been working so hard for over these last few winter months.

Since I don’t play sports any longer one of my main focuses other than staying agile, mobile, and hostile is to keep lean and mean.

I usually am arounf 8% bodyfat throughout the year but in the next 28 days, I’m going ALL out.

I’m starting with the diet – going full on Paleo style.

Cutting out all the refined carbs and sugars and x-ing out dairy (bye-bye cottage cheese…)

I’m sticking to lean meats such as fish, turkey, chicken, and 93% beef.

I’ll be throwing in fruits and tons of veggies in every meal.

The main thing I’ll have to focus on is being prepared.  This means ALWAYS.  You go out and you’re without food, you’re going to screw up.

I’ll have to be on my A game for this one.

As far as training goes, I’ll be posting my routines on here everyday.

Here goes – goal is to stay strong and get lean as hell – I’m talking 5%…