If you’re just checkin’ in, you’ll want to check out Judgment Day Training Part I HERE to catch yourself up to speed.

In part II, I’m adding in the 5th Component of Judgement Day Training which in fact, isn’t about training at all.  It’s about EATING.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail..

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The 5th Component that brings Judgement Day training full circle is that of NUTRITION.

No matter how much I talk about it, Nutrition still tends to be the most overlooked component of one’s fitness and training focuses.

Those that “get it” understand what I’m talking about.

It’s no real secret, if you want the BEST results possible, you must feed your body the right foods.

What I like to say is to “Fuel the body for PERFORMANCE” or in the case of being prepared for anything, fueling your body for SURVIVAL.

In simple terms, think about what foods will supply you with the most nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and ENERGY to live and perform at your highest level.

These are MY personal TOP 13 LEAN and MEAN Survival Performance Foods (I try to eat each at least once EVERY day)…

  1. Unlimited Amount of Greens – spinach, kale, broccoli, ect
  2. LEAN Grass Fed Beef  (Bison is great too)
  3. Cage-Free Organic Eggs
  4. Organic Chicken Breast
  5. Mixed Nuts and Nut Butters (almonds, macadamias, walnuts, pecans)
  6. Avocados (I make it into fresh guacamole)
  7. Salmon (I cover the fish taste up with spices – Salmon is not my favorite)
  8. Blueberries and Strawberries
  9. Quinoa (I only eat these on HEAVY / INTENSE training days post workout)
  10. Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil
  11. Sweet Potatoes (for POST workout meals)
  12. Pumpkin (another great post workout food)
  13. Apples (great for on the go when you need some quick energy)

If you could just fill your belly with these foods, you’d be set.

You’ll notice there’s no rice, oats, and other grains listed.

I didn’t include any dairy, legumes, or sugars.


I can survive without those foods.

Do I still eat those foods every now and then?

Yeah, but I certainly do not want them to be a staple within my diet.

The important thing to take note of is to look at things with a 80/20 rule in mind.

This mean that 80% of the time I’m eating the foods I listed out above as survival foods.

The other 20% of the time I can eat the crap foods like sugar, grains, or other “non-essential” foods.

Doing that keeps me sane, but at the same time I know I can get great gains out of my nutritional habits if I stick to fueling for performance 80% of the time.

Sometimes it may be 90% of the time I eat lean and mean.  Just depends on the situations.

When it comes down to it, all you need to worry about is putting the right foods into your body.

I get questions all the time in regards to intermittent fasting, Paleo, carb rotation, carb back-loading, low carb diets, high fat diets, what supplements to take, ect, ect, ect….

For now, I want you to forget about all that extra crap.

None of that stuff really matters unless you’re eating the right foods while cutting out the bad stuff.  Only then will any of that “stuff” really matter.

For most people, all they need to do is focus in on eating the right foods and cutting out the sh*t first.

Think about FUELING your body for PERFORMANCE.

The foods I listed above will do just that.

Most people are looking for a “quick fix diet” or “magical meal plan” when the real solution is to simply to eat the right foods.

Just know, with all of the extra fluff and information that’s out there on nutrition, the most important key to success it to first and foremost,  FUEL your body for PERFORMANCE.

For Part III (if we get 20+ comments) I’ll layout a  FULL sample workout of Judgement Day Training and include an exact meal plan of how to eat using the basic nutritional protocols I laid out above.

In the meantime, go ahead and drop your thoughts and feedback below in the comments.  Lets’ get over 20 comments so we can see Part III!

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS -For Judgement Day Training in FULL Force, check out The Aggressive Strength Method – Volume II – BEASTfit