It’s time to THROWDOWN!

I hope that you’re ready to compete!

Check the details of the event below and watch this video.

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I will be looking forward to YOUR scores and replies.

Feel free to record yourself hitting this throwdown and post up highlights here.

Just make sure to name your video “110% HAM – Turkey Day Throwdown 2012”

Here’s the Throwdown Layout:

With a Running Clock:

Turkey Day Throwdown – Part 1 (From Start to 15 min mark)

1A) 10 Rounds x The Turkey Day Barbell Complex

***With the Heaviest Weight YOU can handle on the Barbell – Complete 10 rounds of the following Barbell Complex:

a) Power Clean x 1

b) Push Press / Jerk x 1

c) Front Squat x 1

d) Thruster x 1

***Score is weight on the bar + overall time taken to complete complex

***Barbell must NOT touch the ground during the complex sequence – reps will NOT count if it does – you can rest bar on the ground between reps

Turkey Day Throwdown – Part 2 (From 15min – 18min mark)

1A) 3 min AMRAP of STRICT Pull Ups

***You can come of the bar when ever you want but you MUST get your chin above the bar for the rep to count.  NO kipping allowed.

***Take a 2 Min Break***

Turkey Day Throwdown – Part 3 (From 20 mins to 30 min mark)

1A) For Time – 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 + 10 Reps Of Each:

a) HSPU’s

b) 70# KB Swings

***HSPU’s must be full range of motion and KB Swings are FULL Overhead American Style Swings

***Score = Total Time Taken To Complete the Ladder

***10 Min Time Limit

Turkey Day Throwdown – Part 4 (From 30 mins to 40 min mark)

1A) 70 Burpees For Time + 400m Run To Finish

***1 Ground To Overhead Every Min on the Min w/ a loaded Barbell with HEAVIEST weight used on the Turkey Day Complex OR with the HEAVIEST weight you can handle

1B) After 70 Burpee are completed – 400m Run to Finish!

***as soon as you hit 70 Burpees, run 400m to FINISH

***Score is Total Time taken to complete and weight used for Ground to Overheads


Now that you know the layout of the Throwdown, it time you put yourself to the test and see what you can do.

Time to COMPETE!

As I mentioned above, I’m looking forward to your results so post them up within the comments below!

If you take video, post those up as well.

It’s 110% H.A.M. Time.

Live and Train Aggressive!


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