One of the questions I’ve been receiving a ton just within the past few months has been in regards to training for “everything”.

When I say “everything”, I mean training to be Strong, Lean, Athletically Explosive, and Highly Conditioned.

When I think of having all of these different abilities I think about being ready for The Ultimate Judgement Day.

You know, the day where all hell breaks loose on earth…

Let’s just pretend for a second that some serious sh*t were to go down where it really came down to “The Survival of the Fittest”.

Would YOU be able to SURVIVE?

Would you be strong enough to take care of yourself and your family?

Not only physically, but mentally as well?

Some serious stuff to think about you know…

Another way to look at it when it comes to training for “everything” is to think about training or preparing yourself for a Challenge Race like a Spartan or Death Race or Crossfit Competition where you must be ready for the “Unknown”.

Anymore, when I look at the different events that are being presented at the many different competitions around the country, their downright full on assaults to see what the limits of the human body and mind are.

If you watched the Crossfit Games this last year, the athletes were tested in ALL areas of fitness.  Endurance, speed, power, maximal strength, athleticism, pretty much everything was covered.

Say what you want about Crossfit, but you can’t deny how damn impressive some of the athletes are.

Since the rise in popularity of Crossfit and being a competitor myself, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to train and prepare to basically become better at everything.

What this post is geared towards is the Crossfit competitor, Serious Challenge Racer, or Military type personnel and NOT just athletes in general.

When it comes to training for a specific sport, you need SPECIFICS.  If you’re a football player, you shouldn’t be training like you’re going to be competing in a Crossfit competition.  Just doesn’t make sense and isn’t optimal for results.

If you think about it, the top Crossfit athletes in the world are in simple terms, complete BEASTS.

They’re ready and prepared for pretty much anything that thrown at them fitness wise.

They’re STRONG, EXPLOSIVE, FAST, DURABLE and HIGHLY CONDITIONED and some of these guys seem like they don’t even need time to recover from training sessions.

It’s pretty amazing to see some of the feats these guys and gals are able to complete.

So with this in mind, I wanted to talk about something I like to call “Judgement Day Training” or training to be prepared for when the sh*t really hits the fan.

In a nutshell, this is how to prepare to be ready for anything and to turn yourself into a complete badass.  This is how to put it together…

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Quick Points:

1) You must be STRONG!

Strength the the base of EVERYTHING.  Get yourself stronger you’ll become a better all around athlete.  Strength serves as the structure that builds and creates more power, speed, and conditioning.

2) You need to be Athletically EXPLOSIVE.

Speed and power are LETHAL weapons when it comes to being a complete athlete and fit for anything.

3) Build Up Athletic Armor via Athletic Bodybuilding and Assistance Work

The more lean, functional muscle you have, the better.  Not only do you work more efficiently and are better able to product force with more muscle mass, you look good as well 😉

4) Condition through INTENSITY.

To BUILD up both your motor and mindset.  The shorter the bout of conditioning, the HIGHER the intensity.  This is key.

Now, I would like to get your feedback.

What are some of the questions and thoughts you have on “Judgements Day Training”

If we get over 15 comments, I’ll post up a sample training day in Part II along with the 5th component of “Judgement Day Training”

Part II with talk about the “glue” that holds the first 4 compoenets of “Judgement Day Training” together.

Live and Train Aggressive!

Judgement Day Training Resources:

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