When it comes down to getting stronger, faster, BETTER, it’s about “Owning The Weight”.chrislopez

This was one of the main topics my buddy and fellow Kettlebell freak Chris Lopez chatted about within the Aggressive Strength Talk we did.

It was fun digging deep into Chris’ brain discovering more about his methods to training and maximizing the use of kettlebells.

In this Aggressive Strength Talk series, you’ll discover…

-How to get STRONGER and more EXPLOSIVE with Kettlebells
-What “Owning The Weight” is and why it’s so important to your results.
-How to increase INTENSITY without increasing the weight of your Kettlebell
-Behind the scenes info about the RKC Cert and how to prepare for it
-What MISTAKES to avoid when training with KB’s
-How to shop for and buy Kettlebells
-How to pick out the right Kettlebell to suit you and your fitness goals

-What Kettlebell movement you must MASTER in order to get the BEST RESULTS possible
-Plus more!

Check out the goods below…


Got any questions for Chris and Kettlebells?  Post them up in the comments below.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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