This workout will SHRED you up nicely and test your mental fortitude…

I like to call this “The 10 min Ass Kicker”


Here’s what ya need:

  • A 12-16 lb Sledge hammer
  • An old tire
  • Clock or timer

For the sledge hammer, go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and pick up one today.  If you don’t have one yet, get on it.  There’s SO many used for it other than swinging and hitting things TRUST me, just get one.

For the tire, go to your local tire shop and get one from them.  Preferably a truck tire or tractor tire at BEST!  They actually want to give these old tires away as they have to pay money to get rid of them.

Ok, here’s the workout:

1A) Sledgehammer Swings right side x 40 secs  (Switch sides each round)

1B) 3 FULL Burpees x 20 secs (Just do 3 burpees and the remaining time you have left will serve as your “rest” period…)

Repeat this for 10 rounds….

Make sure you have some LOUD kick ass music playing too.

That’s it, get after it.

Get Forged Strong!