Sometimes you fail, but you must get back up!

“Fail 1000 times, get up 1001!!!!”

A Rule to live by!

I failed a few times in this workout.  If you don’t fail every once in a while, you’re not trying hard enough.

This workout really tested the barriers of my mental and physical strength.

It definitely challenged my weak points.

When you have weak points, you must ATTACK them more than anything!

Training your weak points is usually boring and it’s the last thing you want to train but you got to do it!

For me, front squats are my enemy!  Pistols squats as well.  I HATE them both but I’ve been getting better at them from training them more often.

Since training them more, I’ve been starting to enjoy them just a little bit more, but I still HATE them…

Old School Strength – Week 2 Day 1

1A) Power Cleans  x Heavy 1’s x 6

2A) Front Squats 5 x 5 – Paused at the bottom of each rep, thanks to an interview I listened to by Zach Even-Esh interviewing Mart Gallagher.

3A) 1A DB Power Press 5 x 4/arm

4A) Band Close Grip Push Ups 3 x Submax

4B) Pistol Squats Weighted 3 x 6/leg

4C) TRX Face Pulls

5A) Heavy Sled Sprints/ Drags  x 5 rounds

The pistol squats are the worst thing ever invented!  I hate them.

Get better at the things in which you hate and you will become even greater…

Get Forged Strong!