Ok so, I have a few nutrition tips for you if you want to get LEAN and MEAN.


Here we go!

1)  Eat Lean ORGANIC meats such as chicken, turkey, bison, talapia, and salmon.  Also eat cage free organic eggs..

2)  Add tons of fresh veggies to your lean meats such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cucumbers, and peppers.

3) Eat your healthy fats such as almonds and other UNSALTED nuts, avocados, olive oil, and take a solid Omega 3 fatty acid such as EFA Icon from Prograde.

4) Eat your berries!  Especially in the morning…

5) Drink TONS of water from bottles.

6) Finally, to keep this real simple – take a solid multi-vitamin such as VGF +25 from Prograde to make sure all your bases are covered.


If it comes in a bag or a box, don’t eat it…

If it rots on the shelf after a few days, its probably good for ya!

Now, for today’s workout.

LEAN and MEAN – Deload Day 2

Perform 100 fast, controlled, and explosive reps of each of the following;

1A) Push Ups

1B) Pull Ups

1C) BW Squats

1D) Posterior Chain movement (KB Swings, Back Extensions)

Break up the sets if you need to but you must get to 100 – no more, no less.

Get after it!


NO going to failure – make sure all reps are explosive and fast.



PS – If you want some specific about my nutrition, let me know and I’ll post my whole weekly diet including secret cheat meals that get you shredded….