Well kids there comes a time when you just gotta say enough is enough and you must take it easy…

More is not better in some instances and when you train hard and continuously grind out killer training sessions, your body will take a toll and before you know it, you’ve over trained yourself, which is actually worse than not training at all.

You see, your nervous system is the last thing to recover in your body.

You muscles, tendons, ect, they recover a lot quicker than you actual nervous system does.

When you train HARD and HEAVY, you blast your nervous system more than ever.

If you don’t cut back, your gains will soon become a plateau of nothing into a slow drop off in performance.

SO, to avoid this situation, you need to DELOAD.

Deloading is simply when you go a little bit easier in your workouts while focusing on mobility, flexibility, and a little bit of conditioning.

I like to train mainly light kettlebells and bodyweight when I deload but I mix it up from time to time.

You can do anything you want but you’ve got to make sure you’re not going overboard with your intensity.

One rule of thumb you want to follwo is to try and not to directly load the spine.

So deadlifts, back squats, and other similar movements need to be omitted in a deload week.

This is especially hard for me because I always want to push the pace and go extremely hard, but it’s just something you must do if you want to have continual gains.

Ok, enough about DELOADING, here’s my delaod workout:

LEAN and MEAN – Deload Week – Day 1

1A) Power Cleans (work speed and technique with light load)  8 x 2

Continuous Circuit for 10 mins:

2A) Explosive Pull Up x 5

2B) KB Goblet Squat x 8

2C) Hip Slap Push Ups x 8

2D) Reclined Rows x 5

2E) Plate Drag Hand Walking x length of gym x 1

2F) Dip Leg Raises x 12

3A) Hill Sprints 30 yards x 8

I felt GOOD after this one!

I was loose and ready to roll!  Had to hold myself back a bit though.

Come next Monday, I’ll be fully recovered and ready to let loose on some heavy shit!

For now, we need to DELOAD!

Check out this tune, GOOD SHIT!


Great song.

When you train hard, you build a strong body and a strong presence.  Where ever you go…

When you walk in a room, people will know.  They will learn RESPECT you…

When you train like a BEAST – you demand RESPECT..

Keep training hard!

Get Forged Strong!