Ok, I’m deloaded and ready to freaking unleash hell on the iron!

Sometimes deload week sucks because you really want to get after it but when you get off of it, you really start to appreciate cutting back on the intensity for a bit when you feel the strength and power regain full strength.

So, I’m starting a new phase that I’m calling “Old School Strength” which is going to focus on all the “Old School” methods of getting LEAN and MEAN.

Lots of barbell work mixed in with bodyweight calisthenics, and of course, lots of kettlebells.

The workouts will be intense and to the point.

I hit this same routine about a year ago this time of year.

Let me tell you that this phase will get you strong as a mo fo and shredded to the bone!

It’s summer time so the nutrition has got to be dialed in!

Refer to my caveman diet for a nice plan to follow if you wanna get shredded…

Ok, enough explaining, lets get to the real stuff kids!

Here’s Day 1!

Old School Strength – Week 1 – Day 1

1A) Deadlift 5x 5

1B) Jump Squats 5 x 5

2A) Power Press 5 x 5

2B) Mixed Grip Pull Ups 5 x Submax

3A) Power Cleans 5 x 5

3B) Mixed Push Ups 5 x Submax

4A) Prowler Sprints 5 x 50 yards

Old School and kicking!

This phase will stay very simple and INTENSE!

Time to get after it!