This workout was a BRUTAL one.  SHORT and SWEET.

Considering it was 94 degrees out was just an added bonus.

You know what I like to say though…  NO EXCUSES.

I didn’t look for any and neither should you!

In this workout I hit the lower body pretty hard.

I wanted to really focus on explosion for the first lift with the tire flips.

Tire flips are fun but they kick your ass after a few sets.

After that it was straight pounding on the hips and quads.


Here’s the workout:

LEAN and MEAN – Week 10 – Day 1 – Lower Body Loving

1A) Tire Flips 8 x 2

2A) Power Lunges 3 x 8/leg

2B) Kettlebell Side Step Swings 3 x 20

3A) Prowler Sprints 40 yards x 10 – BRUTALITY…

I was happy when I was through with this one!

I was tore up and ready to get some food in my body!

I’ll be hitting some upper body tomorrow!

Get Forged Strong!