Yeah boys and girls!

It’s time to get it on!

You gotta love upper body day!!

Especially when there’s CHAINS involved!

Nothing like weight floor presses, pull ups, and push ups with chains…

It hit this right after my athlete’s hit the workout from yesterday:  LEAN and MEAN Day 1 – Week 10.

We had a few pukers…  What I love is they work their ass’ off NO DOUBT!!  I love it!

Here’s today’s party:  LEAN and MEAN – Week 10 – Day 2


1A) Floor Press w/ chains 6 x 3

1B) Bent Barbell Row (Switch grip each set) 3 x 8-12

2A) Criss Cross Chain Push Ups 2 x max

2B) Rope Climb 2 x max

3A) Ab Gauntlet 3.0 – 2 x 12

a) Haning Leg Raise x 12

b) Band Rotation x 10/side

c) Weighted Straight Leg Situps x 10

d) Band Knee Tucks x 10/side

This is a great workout to hit the upper body for strength, power, and mass!

Hit it up!

Get Forged Strong!