Today was hot, humid, and unforgiving.

I had to fit this workout in quick.

I had a busy day training bootcamp and athletes.

That’s my perfect Friday:

-Wake up – train 40 or so determined, committed, dedicated people in bootcamp

-Get my own training session in

-finish the afternoon off with some serious hard core athletes wanting to do whatever it takes to get better

That’s a good day!

Here’s my workout – LEAN and MEAN – Week 9 – Day 4 – Keep Crushing

1A) Power Press 5 x 5

10 Straight Minutes of continuous movements wearing 30lb vest:

2A) 5 pull ups – mixed variation every set

2B) 10 push ups – mixed variation every set

2C) Ab exercise x 12 reps

I felt like dying at minute 8!!!

I got 11 rounds in on the push ups and pull up variations but didnt reach an 11th round on the abs.

3A) Cheat Curls 3 x 6

3B) BW Dips 3 x submax

I rolled out on the foam roller and had to get ready because I had some hungry high school athletes coming into train!

This workout took me 40 mins total – PUSH THE PACE!

Get after it!

I’ll be taking it easy this weekend and hitting it up on Monday!   Even though its a holiday, I’ll still be hitting it hard!  No excuses!

BTW  – Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Please read this broadcast I sent out to my list earlier and let me know what you think ==>