Yo whats up?

Ah the squats from hell AGAIN!

This time coming at you with Zercher Squats!

That’s just the beginning of the workout…

This was a fun yet BRUTAL workout!

I really need to think about getting myself a workout partner.  Somedays I feel as if I may pass out and be laid out on the floor with no one around.  Since I’m alone, I could end up being there for hours!

Hasn’t happened yet!

The legs were feeling great after this one for sure!

Check it out!


LEAN and MEAN – Week 9 – Day 3 – Squats from Hell AGAIN!!

1A) Burpee Broad Jumps 3 x 5

2A)Zercher Squats 5 x 3-5

3A) Barbell RDL 3 x 12

3B) Wheel Rollouts 3 x Max

4A) Sled Sprints x 10

Get Down and Dirty!!!

Upper body tomorrow!

Get Forged Strong!