Just a quick heads up before we get rolling, to all of you HARDCORE’s looking to BUILD MORE MUSCLE and LOSE FAT all at the same time, next week Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal, two friends of mine that are some true BADASS strength coaches are set to re-release their killer program LEAN HYBRID MUSCLE BUILDING.    I got it the first time it came around and this time, it’s even better!  So look out for that next week!

Now, I wanted to share with you my own LEAN HYBRID “WARRIOR” TRAINING session I hit up the other day.

Before I get into that, I have a little RANT for you…

Everytime I go into train, I go into battle.

It’s not just a “hobby” to me anymore.

Everytime I time I train to get better… To improve…  To FORGED AHEAD…

It’s like I have said many times over, you either get BETTER, or your get WORSE.

You have the choice to decide which of those it will be for YOU when you train.

Want to half-ass it today?  Don’t have the motivation?  Just ain’t “feeling it”.

Well Too Bad!  Deal with it!  Make it happen!


I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest!  I’ve been hearing WAY too many EXCUSES lately and I’m sick of them!

Live a life WITHOUT EXCUSES.  Take TOTAL responsibility for what you have and what you get, and go from there.  Everything from then on should fall into place as you want it to…

Ok, now let’s talk training…

I’m fortunate enough to have a good buddy that’s a P.E. and Assistant Head Football coach at a local high school here in Omaha.  They have a nice Field House with a 200m track inside.

This time of year, especially in Nebraska, I’m not going to be able to get on a field outside with the freezing temps and snow at all to fit in some sprints so it’s nice to be able to use the track inside the field house a few times a week.

Now, you can do this workout anywhere.  All you lucky people on the east and west coast should be able to get outside all year around.  Either way, find a way to make this happen!

If you want to get completely SHREDDED while keeping your hard earned MUSCLE, this is the perfect type of training session for you!

All you need is a 70lbs Kettlebell.  Bring that baby with you to the track.

If you don’t have a kettlebell, grab a Dumbbell.  If you don’t have that, you got your body so we’re still good!

Now, if you don’t have a track, use a field, if no field is open, go to a YMCA and use the basketball court.  Either way, make it happen and find a way!

I can remember leaving a stick in the door of the old field house back at my college so I could get in there on the weekends or late at night to get in workouts during the winter.    I needed to sprint or I would have withdrawals!   I could have gotten into trouble but I felt it was worth it!  I did end up getting caught but the janitor that caught me didn’t even care so it was all worth it!

What you’ll be doing are 200m all out sprints super-setted with a full overhead kettlebell swings x 10 reps.  You’ll do 8 rounds of that timing each round.

Then, you’ll do 5 rounds of 100m sprints super-setted with 8 kettlebell swings.

Time each round.  Try to stay at your time or beat it every round!

Your rest will be a lap around the track or about 2-3 mins.

With these it’s a battle against time every round!  As soon as your rest is up you gotta go!

As soon as you come walking up to that line it’s ALL OUT GO!

Be a WARRIOR on these!

Your lungs are going to burn, your legs will start to lock up on you and you’re just going to get dog tired.

That’s  fine!  Push through it!

Dig deep and bust through your comfort zone!

That’s why WE train!  To get BETTER!  It HURTS to get better!

If you were to take it easy on yourself during your training sessions, what good would that be??

Not everyone can train like this or wants to and that’s perfectly fine with me!

Those people can sit on the side lines on the benches and in the stands as us ELITE, WARRIOR MINDED BADASS MO FO’s battle it out day in and day out!

You gotta go H.A.M.!

You with me???

Let’s talk about some benefits of this type of HYBRID “WARRIOR” TRAINING…

  • You’ll gain and retain DENSE MUSCLE MASS
  • You’ll increase your MENTAL STRENGTH
  • You’ll get STRONGER, FASTER, QUICKER like a WARRIOR should be
  • You’ll SAVE TIME – these are quick training sessions!
  • You’ll improve your overall CONDITIONING

It’s NOT easy but it’s not for everyone!

Let me know your thoughts!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – I hope you’re ready for some kickass stuff coming next week!

I got a NEW Program I’m releasing to go along with Elliot and Mike’s LEAN HYBRID MUSCLE BUILDING program as a bonus!

You will want to get in on this for sure!