Today was definitely another HYBRID Training day!

I mixed 30 Atlas Stone Loads with explosive ALL OUT sprints and then ended with a nice hybrid conditioning superset.

With the STONES, you’re working mostly STRENGTH.  Even though the stone I was using wasn’t all the heavy (178 lbs) it’s still very odd to lift.  It works your muscles and body a whole lot different than normal!


Unfortunately, I don’t have a stone at the facility I did my sprints at.  So I did my sprinting first then came and did my stone loading later.

In a perfect world, I would do the stone lifting first, then do your sprints and conditioning work last.  You got to make due with what you have 😉

The SPRINTS work your power and speed.  I would hit a 60 meter sprint ALL OUT and then immediately do 30 push ups.  I would let myself fully recover so I could go 110% on the next rep.  I did this for 10 sets total.

To end the session, I finished with some HYBRID conditioning work with combining BURPEES and Kettlebell Overhead Carries.

I performed 10 explosive burpees and then immediately would go to an overhead Kettlebell carry for as far as each arm could handle.

With no rest, I would go right back into my burpees.  I repeated this for 4 total rounds.

A brutal end to a BRUTAL workout!

NOW, If you don’t happen to have an ATLAS STONE, all you need to do to switch it out would be to perform sandbag loading or shouldering instead.

Simply start with the sandbag at your feet, squat down low and rip it explosively off the floor onto your shoulder or onto a box.  Repeat for reps!

This type of training will create MONSTERS!  You get the best of all worlds!  SPEED, POWER, STRENGTH, and CONDITIONING!

Give it a try!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Send in your HYBRID TRAINING questions!