Getting Strong With A single DB – Part 2

If you read up on PART 1, you already know there are a number of things you can do to make your DB movements harder, which include DB complexes.

Now I want to take that to the next level!

So what happens when your heaviest DB isn’t that heavy anymore?

Well, most of us would simply get a heavier DB BUT not all of us can do this so then what???

Well, I have a solution…  Banded Dumbbell movements!

All you need for this is a Performax Band and a Dumbbell!

So check it out!

Adding a little bit of band tension to some of your DB movements will greatly increase the amount of difficulty!

In turn, you’ll increase in both your strength and power!  Training with band tension is great when it comes to building explosive strength.

When working with bands, the tension gets greater as you lengthen the band which forces you to accelerate all the way through the particular movement your performing.  If you slow down, the band tension will take over the movement and cause you to miss the rep.

In the video below I supply a few different movements you can do with bands and DB’s!



Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Please leave any questions and thoughts on other DB variations you would like to see!