Combining STRENGTH and BODYWEIGHT movements together into supersets or small circuits is one thing.  When you do it in a DENSITY SET like fashion, it becomes a little more serious!

If you’re not familiar with what a DENSITY set is yet, basically what you’re trying to do is get as many rounds or reps in as possible in an allotted amount of time.

So if I put 5 mins up on the clock and was to do sets up pull ups for 5 reps and sets of push ups for 5 reps, I would want to get as many rounds as possible in that 5 mins.  You can rest as much as you need to but the main point is that you push yourself to the limit.

Now, what I like to call these little super sets and trisets I did, since I combined them into density sets, are SUPER DENSITY SETS.

This is what I did in preparation for the Crossfit Sectionals coming up in a few short months.

Gotta get better every day! I’m NEVER where I want to be.  Everyday is another day to get STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER!


Super Density Set 1 – 4 mins AMRAP:

1A) 325# DL x 4 reps

1B) Muscle Up x 4 reps


Super Density Set 2 – 6 mins AMRAP:

2A) 185# Squat Clean x 6

2B) Handstand Push Ups x 12


Super Density Set 3 – 8 mins AMRAP:

3A) Power Pulls x 40

3B) Pull Ups x 10

3C) Burpees x 10

Go H.A.M. Everyday!

This is my daily cycle:

Eat. Sleep. Train Clients. Eat Some More. Train Myself. Repeat.

What’s YOUR daily cycle?

I would love to know!

Drop it in the comments!