Hybrid Training is by far the BEST way to train in my opinion.

You combine the best of all worlds.

You implement power lifting, strongman, bodybuilding, “underground” odd object lifting, as well as Crossfit conditioning type modalities.

You hit STRENGTH, POWER, and CONDITIONING all in one training session.

<=====A great way to get LEAN and MEAN!!!

I’ve been training like this for years now and up until recently, really didn’t realize it was HYBRID training.

I’ll NEVER go back.

If you’re somebody that likes variety and training is a HUGE part of your life, LEAN HYBRID training is for you.  The workouts offer so much and are constantly changing.

Your results will sky rocket.  My own results have gone through the roof!

I’m about to take you though a HYBRID Upper Body Training Session.

Get your MIND ready and prepare for battle!



1A) 1A Power Snatch w/ DB 4 x 5

These are great for psyching up the nervous system and getting your hips more explosive.  Plus it warms the upper body up well.

2A) Close Grip Bench Press  x 5, 3, 2, 5, 3, 2

2B) Pull Ups – Mixed variations x 20 max or below

This is a great upper body super set with pushing and pulling.  I hit heavy close grip bench then immediately hit a pull up variation.  I tried to go strict pull ups for the first few sets with added weight from chains.  As I fatigued out, I did kipping pull ups.

3A) Wide Grip Chain Push Ups 3 x Submax

3B) Performax Band Pull Aparts 3 x 30-40

This is another great superset using a push and a pull.  For the push ups, I went wide grip to hit another variation of push to complement the close grip bench, then went immediately into some band pull aparts which are great for increasing upper back strength.

4A) Tabata Finisher (8 rounds of 20 secs of work + 10 secs rest)

a)      Kettlebell Swings

b)      Sledgehammer Slams

This is an EXCELLENT finisher for an upper body day.  These two movements tax your shoulders and core BIG TIME.  Putting them into a tabata superset will help work on some conditioning while also upping your metabolism to aid in some serious FAT torching effects if your trying to get RIPPED.

Overall, this is a quick and fast little Upper Body Based Hybrid training session.  Great if you plug it into a upper / lower body split weekly routine.

This type of Hybrid training session would be for more mass building than anything since its more specific to the upper body than anything else.   Upper / Lower split training will do that.

Tomorrow, Lean Hybrid Muscle RELOADED is being released!

I’ll also be posting a BRUTAL Hybrid Lower Body Focused Training session you can use to gain some serious explosive power, strength, and conditioning.

Look towards that!

In the meantime, leave you comments and questions!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!