HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – Elliot Hulse and Mike Westerdal’s Lean Hybrid Muscle RELOADED is now LIVE!


It’s on SALE for the next few days and there are a ton of HYBRID BONUSES being offered as well as MY special bonus (see below)!

As you should know, Barbell Complexes are simply lethal when trying to add muscle and lose fat.

Most people tend to do barbell complexes with a regular grip.  Well try it with a REVERSE grip.

It’ll change up everything from the movements you can do to the grip component as well.

I hit this special little “reverse grip complex” the other day and it was quite brutal on the grip!

Check it:


This is just another barbell complex I’ve come up with in my newest creation…  Barbell Battlefield!

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Barbell Battlefield is loaded with 30+ of my most lethal and creative barbell complexes ever!  This is the PERFECT add-on to Elliot’s and Mike’s Lean Hybrid Muscle program.

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As I’ve stated many times before, you MUST be an action taker!  If you want things to happen, you need to MAKE them happen.  Nothing ever got done by just sitting around and wishing for things to happen.

If you got questions, hit me up!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!