A few weeks back I was introduced to a guy by the name of Logan Christopher thru my good buddy Tyler Bramlet.

After seeing a few of Logan’s videos, I told Tyler I needed to meet this guy Logan.

We connected and I quickly asked Logan to do a Aggressive Strength Talk session with me.

The good news is he accepted so below you’ll find the video of Logan and I talking all things strength.

We get into a lot of different stuff, much of which was a bit NEW to me…

This guy is simply UNREAL – Kettlebell Juggler, has Snatched a KB over 300 times in less then 10 mins (NOT an easy task), bends nails, tears phone books and decks of card in half, easily walks on his hands and cranks out handstand push ups….

We dig into a lot of cool stuff in the video below…

(Sorry the Sound and Picture Are A Bit OFF at Times)


If there were some things we talked about that YOU would like to know more about, drop a comment below.

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Be on the look out for a video of me hammering out the STRENGTH CHALLENGE Logan created for me at the end of our interview 😉

PPS – One of my favorite movements is the kettlebell 1 Arm Snatch but I’ve never quite tried it like this…

If you want to get blown away with some awesome info in regards to taking your SPEED and ENDURANCE levels to new grounds and beyond, check out Logan’s video series on DOMINATING the 1 Arm SNATCH.

When I watched Logan snatch in this video, it seriously blew me away…