You ready for a CHALLENGE?

Nothing like a good ol’ Thursday Throwdown to put you to the test.

The Throwdown?

The Finisher from Phase II – Day 3 of OPERATION: Rogue Strength

All you’ll need is 10 mins and a mindset on 110% H.A.M. mode for this bad boy 😉

Here’s how it goes down…

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10 Min AMRAP of:

1A) KB 1 Arm Snatch to Overhead Lunge x 5 / side

1B) Strict Hanging Leg Raise x 10

1C) Burpee Box Jumps x 15

I managed to muster out 3 rounds.

Legs were a little shot from the strength work before hand (front squats).

No excuses though.  I just gotta get better, faster, STRONGER!

Overall a nice little concoction of movements.

The KB single arm snatch + oh lunge (that’s a long ass name) are rather easy when you first start then get a ton more challenging as you get further into the throwdown.

Hanging leg raises really weren’t too much of an issue.

The burpee box jumps are where you have to dig in and just go.

This is where I know I can improve on.  I gotta get FASTER with these.

Less rest between reps.

Always improving.

Next time, I get 4 rounds!

Now it’s your turn to crank it out!  Let me know how YOU do in the comments!

Time to get some more people TAKING ACTION and commenting in!  Let’s go! 

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – If you’re wondering, this throwdown came from Day 3 of Phase II from OPERATION: Rogue Strength which is one of the two programs I’ve unleashed this week apart of my Aggressive Strength Method – Vol III.

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