You know, one of my favorite movements out there is the LUNGE.

Not sure why, but I’ve always loved doing lunges (well, not all the time).

I never love lunges the day after, but it’s a great movement.

While great, it can also be a very punishing movement.

One that’s good for you if you do it the right way, but one that can crush you if you do it wrong.

Within this post, I wanted to go over some of my favorite lunge variations, but first go over some of the BIGGEST Lunge Mistakes.

If you’re going to reap the rewards that lunges can provide, I want to make sure you avoid training them wrong so you get the MOST benefit possible.

So, let’s begin with the BIGGEST lunge training mistakes.

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  • Weight on the Toes – Too Small of Step
  • “Loose” Core / Too Much Forward Lean
  • Inactive Upper Body / Rounded Back
  • Too Big of Steps
  • Knees Go In / Weight Goes In On the Inside of The Foot = Total Foot Collapse

Key Focuses

  • Stay Tall, Keep An Active Upper Body by Squeezing Your Shoulder Blades
  • Power up through the heels – NOT your toes

My Lunge Progressions

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Split Squat —> Drop Lunge —> Power Lunge (Front Lunge) —> Walking Lunge

Some of My Favorite Lunge Variations

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Sandbag Lunge Variations —> Shouldered Sandbag Lunge, Front Zercher Carry Lunge, Bear Hug Lunge

KB / DB Lunge Variations —> Front Single Arm Rack KB Lunge, Double KB Rack Lunge, Farmer + Rack KB Lunge

Barbell Lunge Variations —> Back Squat Barbell Lunge, Front Rack Barbell Lunge, Barbell Zercher Carry Lunge

ADVANCED Lunge Variations —> KB OH Lunge, KB OH + Farmer Lunge, Barbell OH Walking Lunge, Sandbag + KB Combo Lunge (NASTY)

How I like adding in lunges to my routine:

  • For Strength – use a lunge variations like a barbell or even front rack barbell lunge variation for lower reps (3-6) with heavier weight in at the start of your session on it’s own
  • For Power – lunge jumps work great for power at the start of your session on their own.  I usually go with 5-10 reps per leg max.
  • For Conditioning – Superset lunges with any other type of movements and you’ll see what I mean.  I like using all of the different KB / DB variations and sandbag variations paired up with an upper body press or pull or a full body core movement like roll outs or leg raises.  With these, I like to use rep ranges of anywhere from 6 / leg up to 15 reps / leg.

So there you go.

Now, hopefully you can start throwing in more lunges into your training routine if you weren’t doing so before..

I can guarantee you that you’re legs will grow strong and powerful and you’ll dig the results.

Let’s hear from YOU.  What’s your FAVORITE (or most hated) Lunge Variation?  Post it up in the comments below.

Live and Train Aggressive!