Before I begin I want to give credit to my bro Isaac Wilkins of Wilkins Power and Strength for coming up with the title “Make It Happen Monday”. I couldn’t think of anything better to use for today as it’s perfect for the rant I’m about to lay down….

Isaac did a few posts on this “Make It Happen Monday” series before at his blog, and I highly respect Isaac as he’s one badass coach as well as a great dude in general! He’s also got a sick program for dudes looking to get back into their old athletic bodies called, The Athlete Reborn which I think you should check out….

Now, let’s get into today’s rant as I’m a little fed up with things so I’m gonna go ahead and vent a little bit…

It’s my blog so I can do what I f*cking want…. I hope you don’t mind 😉

So, it’s Monday, the first day of the week…

Most poeple are thinking…  “It’s Time to start the week over with the SAME old routine, the SAME old job, and with the SAME old people…”

It’s the day of the week we’re everything is supposed to start off right, right?

It’s the day people actually start their plan…

It’s the day that’s OK to finally pursue your goal or your dream…

It’s the day you can “start all over”….

Or is it???

What is this day really to you?? A new beginning or just the first day of the week?

I say F*CK MONDAY’s!

The truth is there is no “right day to start”…

There is no perfect day to begin….

The truth is to stop being f*cking SCARED and MAKE IT HAPPEN ALREADY!

If the day happens to be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or even Monday, that’s the perfect day!

I’m sick of people sitting around making EXCUSES waiting for “the right time”. There is NO right time other than NOW!

The main reason people wait is because their AFRAID. Their scared sh*tless!

You know what, I don’t blame you or them because I get scared sh*tless each and every day too! I’m constantly uncomfortable and hanging on the edge.

This is what forces me to grow and change.

Is it always perfect???


Do I make mistakes???

HELL YES! I make lots of them!

But its the mistakes that happen that force me to get better and these mistakes are what force me to change and grow closer to my ultimate goal.

It’s the mistakes that cause me to react, for if I didn’t react, I wouldn’t be forced to change or grow.

ALL ACTION causes reaction. The old “CAUSE AND EFFECT” rule right???

Just to let you know, without ACTION there will be NO REACTION therefor you’ll always stay in the same f*cking place and never grow or change!

People that sit around “THINKING” about it too much are never going to change. You can only think so damn much. You’ve got to put your thoughts into action at some point!

Is it good to think? HELL YES, but you can have ALL the knowledge and ALL the ideas in the world but without ACTION, they mean didly squat!

The definition of INSANITY is doing the SAME EXACT THING over and over expecting a different result.

I know these are “cliques” and their nothing new but I’m just letting you know again!

I’m the type of person that likes to take risks…

Am I where I want to be in life??


Am I going to get there?


Why, because I’m NOT going to sit around and wait for “the perfect day”. I’m going to move on it NOW.

Not tomorrow… Not next Monday…. Not when someone else says it’s OK…


I suggest YOU do the same! Make a move! Get a little bit afraid!

Start chasing your fears! Instead of running away from them, run towards them!

That’s where the real change and growth lies. That’s where the real RESULTS are!

STOP sitting around and get off your ass and MAKE IT HAPPEN… It’s Monday!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!