So, for this week’s Throwdown Thursday, I decided to leave it up to you, the readers to pick what this week’s challenge would be!

I gave out 3 choices…

1) The Bodyweight / Barbell Ladder

2) The Clean and Press Mixer

3) The Forged Chipper

It was a CLOSE vote off and in the end, the Forged Chipper pulled it off by just a few votes!

It was literally by 2 votes and with that, I want to say THANK YOU to the peeps that put in their vote!

You can look forward to the other two options in some upcoming Thursday Throwdowns!

Now, for this week, we3’ve got THE FORGED CHIPPER!

Just like all of the other Throwdown’s, this is no easy task!

It’s you against time and 9 different movements.

The only rule is, you must finish every rep of each movement before you move onto the next movement.

It goes like this:

  1. 400 m Run
  2. 20 Kettlebell Swings – 80 lbs
  3. 30 Sandbag Cleans – 100 lbs
  4. 20 Pull Ups (NO KIPPING)
  5. 30 1/2 Burpees
  6. 20 Kettlebell High Pulls – 80 lbs
  7. 5 Kettlebell 1 Arm Thrusters – 80 lbs
  8. Sandbag Zercher Carry x 100 ft – 100 lbs
  9. 360 lbs Sled Drag – Forwards x 50 ft / backwards x 50 ft

My final time was 18:02…

See the video below…


This was a good test as one of my weaknesses is long endurance type workouts that involve higher rep ranges.  I’ll definitly hit this one again.

Next time it will be a little quicker as I won’t have to move the camera around so much 😉

Go ahead and hit this one up!  Modify the movements if need be but, do anything you can to make it happen! Don’t make Excuses 😉

Looking forward to hearing your scores and seeing your results!  Post them up in the comments! 

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!