I sent the email below out to my newsletter list the other day and got a HUGE response so I wanted to post it up on my blog for those of you that don’t follow my emails.
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I also have my first attempt at the Crossfit Sectionals WOD no 4 posted up below.  I’m going to attack that again on Sunday.  I wanna hit 140.  I got 115 this time around.  This is NON-ACCEPTABLE to me.
So read on below and watch the video below….
What’s going on?

Travis back in action and I got a CHALLENGE for you!

If you haven’t heard quite yet, I’ve been attempting the Crossfit
Open Sectional this year and so far, it’s been going well.

I’m in the top 40 or so in my region thus far so things are looking

Not too bad for not training strictly Crossfit.

Anyways, I wanted you to join me in this weeks Crossfit Open WOD.

It’s another AMRAP workout that consists of 3 movements:

Burpees, Overhead Squats, and Muscle Ups.

If you want to see the actual breakdown of how to do the workout,
check it out on the Crossfit site:


I laugh at how picky they are with these breakdowns.  That’s what
how it is though!

Now more importantly, I wanted to CHALLENGE you to do this workout
so in a way, we can all GO TO BATTLE TOGETHER!

I’m going to be hitting this later on today!

For me, I try to make a training session an ALL OUT WAR!  If you’re
serious like I am, training means alot and making gains means alot.

I’m willing to take it to the limit in a session!  Sometimes you
just got to dig in a go beyond those comfort zones.

That’s one of the main things I love so much about training. “IN The
Heat Of Battle”
When you’re in a crazy training session and
everything else seems to fade out.  It’s just you and the workout.

IN these times, I think to myself that I’m not going to settle for
“normal” results or to be considered “mediocre”.

Screw that!  99% of the population just “settles”.

Not many people go that extra mile any more and if they do, it’s
simply because someone else told them to.

Where’s the passionate people out there?


I may not get the fastest times, lift the heaviest weight, or do the
most rounds in these “WOD’s” but I’m going to push myself to the limit!

What do you say?

You gonna settle for “normal”?

You gonna just be another person out there “working out”?

Or are you going to be a damn one person wrecking machine that
busts through f%*ing brick walls?!

I’m planning on knocking some f#%ing walls down!!

You with me or wanna be with mostly everyone else, falling behind
getting weaker and staying normal???

Well, You with me???

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – If you hit this workout, let me know how you did!

Who gives a SH%t what your final score is!

As long as you pushed the limits of your mind and body, that’s all
that matter!

Let’s GO TO WAR!


Will attempt this again on Sunday!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!