I’ve spoke about before on how I believe in using many different forms of training to achieve results.

I really love blending the use of bodyweight, kettlebells, and sandbags together into Full Body Attack sessions.

Bodyweight movements are essential for building athleticism and base levels of strength.

Both kettlebells and sandbags help with power and strength.

The options you have between these three modalities of training are endless!

When you can properly program workouts using all three or combos of these movements, you have a SERIOUSLY LETHAL PROGRAM on your hands!

I for one have been training with all three of these tools for years now and since I’ve started, I’ve seen more LEAN MUSCLE GAIN, INCREASES IN POWER, ATHLETICISM, and STRENGTH than I’ve ever seen in years past!

Plus my CONDITIONING has gone through the roof!

To add to it, blending all of these forms of training is not only fun but it challenges the hell outta me each and every time I train!

I’m a firm believer in training like an athlete.  Simply put – when you train to improve performance, everthing else will improve as a result.

I’ll post more on this in an more in-depth article.  For now, let’s get to the training session I hit!

This was a FULL BODY ATTACK using a mix of athletic bodyweight movements + some heavy sandbag movements.


Here the breakdown:

1A) Broad Jumps into 20 yard Sprints x 4-6

2A) Sandbag Power Cleans 5 x 5

3A) Density Set – 5 mins AMRAP

a) Wall Walks x 3

b) Recline Row x 10

4A) Density Set – 5 mins AMRAP

a) Sandbag Bulgarian Squat x 6 / leg

b) Burpee x 6

After that I hit up a core circuit to finish off the core.


1A) 10-15 reps per movement

a) sandbag sit ups (YES – Sit ups!!!  Oh shizzz!)

b) Russian Twists w/sandbag

c) Crossbody Knee Tucks with Band

d) weighted plank w/ sandbag

In and out in40 mins!  Most people waste a shit load of time during thier workouts.  If you want to start to improve in your performance or get better results, start “attacking the time” and getting after it a little bit more.

Rest when you need to but no more.  Push it a bit!

I get a ton of EXCUSES from people saying they “don’t have time to train” because they need an hour and a 1/2!  Bullshit!  All you need it 45 mins if you push!

I fit in a lot of quality work in a short amount of time!  I know YOU can too!

Just focus and get shit done!

Hit up the comments!  Actually, lets see if we can’t get over 15 comments!

If we hit over 15, I’ll post up another workout from my system I’m about to unleash….

It’s up to you!