For this week’s Hardcore Hundred, I decided to go straight up SUSPENDED!

If you don’t know, SUSPENSION TRAINING is a badass way to train!

It’s a little bit different but it works!  It really challenges your core like none other!

What’s so badass about it as well is all the different types of movements you can get outta of it.  There are lots of movements you can use to change things up a bit.

In this Hardcore Hundred, I hit up a few different new variations of movements that I know you’ll be challenged by!

They really gave me a challenge!

One of the things I need to fit more of into my training is TRX Suspension Training. Even if you don’t have a TRX or simply can’t invest in one, you need to get one by making your own!

A while back, I stumbled across this video…


After I saw it, I went out and made 4 of my own homemade suspension trainers.   I use these with my athletes and boot campers!  Their effective and cheap!

They’ll help you get strong and improve performance for sure, plus they’ll make your workouts METABOLIC as heck!  Meaning, you’ll shred up body fat and pack on muscle and strength!  With enough work, anything can happen!

Suspension training is just another route to getting STRONGER, LEANER, and MEANER!  Throw it in the tool box with the kettlebells, bands, sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, and bodyweight!

Don’t neglect a tool of strength!  If you do, you’re only neglecting your potential for more results!

Here’s this weeks HARDCORE HUNDRED:


5 Rounds of:

1A) 5 Suspended Hip Extension with Y Raise

1B) 10 Pistol Assisted Muscle Ups

1C) 5 Reclined Face Curls

Give this one a go AFTER a heavy upper body day OR just hit it up as a nice finisher to your normal strength training day!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!