I’m one for mobility and core strength.  Two essential things you need when it comes to being able to perform at a high level and being healthy.

In this post below, I’m going to show you a cool little movement you can start to implement into your warm up or regular training session for more core strength and mobility.

It’s called the “Inch Worm Roll Out” and it’s KILLER for increasing you core strength!

Basically you take the regular INCH WORM and then add in some rollout handles and add the two movements together!  .

You rollout to as far as you can go, then simply inch worm your way up to the start!

A great movement that can also be very challenging as well!


Some key pointers:

  • Keep your lower back FLAT by locking in your abs – if you’re unable to do this, get your abs stronger!
  • while walking up on the inch worm – keep your legs straight and walk up with your toes – you’re working on improving your hamstring flexibility and hip mobility – bending your knees won’t help improve those.
  • roll out to as far as you can go UNDER CONTROL meaning, your abs are locked in, back is flat, legs stay locked out and arms are straight as well

Now, for you people out there that DON’T have rollout handles, they are super simple to make.

Here’s the steps:

1) Go to your local hardware store and buy the three following items:

-lawn mower wheels

-extra long bolts

-duct tape

Now when you get all the supplies, basically piece your rollout handles together…

1) Put the Lawn Mower Wheels into the long bolts.

2) Tape up the inside space between the wheels on the bolts.

3) Fasten the end with more duct tape so the nut doesn’t spin off over time.

BOOM!  You have your very own home wheel roll out handles!

Now you can do all sorts of movements with these bad boys!

In fact, stay tuned as in my next post, I’ll be going over a ton of different wheel roll out handles movements you can do!  I’ll even show progressions!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!