One of the BEST ab exercises out there is the Ab Rollout.

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For me, ab roll outs where made famous by Bruce Lee when I saw a video a long time ago of him doing full wheel rollouts standing on his toes and going all the way to his nose.  I was impressed and told myself from that point on, I would work up to being able to do that as well!

With ab rollouts or any other advanced ab movement, there are progressions.

In order to do a regular ab rollout, one must have a strong core to begin with.  Many people perform these wrong right off the bat.  In this post, I’ll show you the first series of progressions so you can start getting STRONGER and more ripped abs in no time!

1) Start position: You need to get your hips set in the right position.  Most people have their hips set too far back.  In the pic below, notice how my hips are rolled forward.  My back is flat and my abs are locked in tight.  Arms are straight out in front and wrists are tight.

2) Work Your Range Of Motion – Now where most people go wrong again, is they let tension release off of their abs by rolling back too far.  You want to work “your range of motion” so your abs are always having tension on them.  Make sure you are going within your means here.  Do not attempt to go too far out in front if your back starts to arch or your lose stability in your shoulders or arms.  Build up slowly.

3) Go all the way out – Now after you’ve been doing roll outs for a while and getting stronger, you can now start to go the full range of motion.  A good rule of thumb here is to not progress to this level until you can successfully do 3 sets of 15-20 rollouts at a shorter range of motion.  Once you’re doing that consistently, you ready to roll all the way out!  Nose to the floor!

4) Progress to Toes – Now, after you can do 3 sets fo 15-20 FULL rollouts, you’re ready to go up to your toes.  Before you were on your knees, now it’s time to crank it up a bit and start on your feet.

Now you’ll have even more range of motion to go through!  This progression will work your abs like crazy!  The key is to first start off “in your range of motion” just like with the steps above.  Progress with this variation as you did with the knee variation.

From start to finish to FULL ROLL OUT, this ab exercise will get you STRONG!

Not only will in improve your overall core strength it will also:

  • build up lat strength
  • develop a strong chest
  • increase your shoulder stability and strength
  • help improve your tricep strength and musculature

Check out the video:

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This is just a few of many different variations of ab rollouts!

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