So recently I was honored by getting another article published on EliteFTS which is HUGE for me. I’m greatly appreciative and hope I can continue to supply more training articles to them in the future as I plan on pumping out more and more articles without ever thinking about slowing down!

Of course when ever you post an article anywhere on the net these days, you’re going to get the haters commenting in with their “expert knowledge” on how my article is all wrong and how much better they are and yadda yadda yadda…

You know that’s totally fine with me because I know exactly what I’m capable of producing.  I’ve never let the haters out there or any other peeps that oppose what I’m trying to do stop me before! Why start now?

I’m well aware of my capabilities to get the job done when it comes to getting results for not only myself but more importantly, for my athletes and clients. 

I’m 110% confident in what I do and I BELIEVE in myself!!

I can care less about what some COWARD out there has to say about my training methods and ideas.  They can bash on them as much as they want.  Actually I encourage it!

Letter to the haters…  PLEASE Keep bashing my methods and ideas on training because that will forever keep me fueled up with fire to unleash even more results as time goes on….


Travis Stoetzel – April 10th, 2011

I know that most of these keyboard assassins wouldn’t stand a chance within my gym walls.  They can continue to hide behind a computer screen while they wither away feeling sorry for themselves.

The TRUTH: I’m not afraid to mix things up a bit when it comes to training.  I threw out going by the books a long time ago and you know what has happened since then???

More STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and POWER than ever before!!!

Why would you ever want to bash a certain type of training anyways?  This is insane!  Especially if you’re a REAL strength coach!  All forms of training are useful for some reason or another.

The beauty is seeing and learning how you can blend these types of methods together for maximum results!

Just like the great Bruce Lee and his infamous Jeet Kun Do philosophy for Mixed Martial Arts, my type of training takes all that is useful and discards what isn’t.

Never will I completely rule out a type of training in thoughts of it being unuseful. (Except for Zumba…  jk)

Just a fact about training smart, some training styles will be used more dominantly than others.  It all depends on what your specific goal or outcome for training is.  Fat loss, muscle gain, strength, athletics, will all have different mixes of training since all have a little bit different of an outcome.  That’s just how it is!

I do believe its essential to have the background in basic training philosophies and anatomy so you at least have some clue as to what you’re doing.  But nothing with ever beat real world training experience and results.  This is both by training yourself and others!

I for one, have NEVER put an athlete or client through something I’ve never personally been through myself.   I walk the walk! That is a personal promise I’ve made to myself to which if I ever fall off track and get out of shape myself, I will force myself to retire from the strength game.  I must LIVE THE LIFE!

Any strength coach out there that doesn’t train themselves isn’t a true strength coach and should probably think about switching to another profession!

If there’s one thing that I can guarantee I rank up within the 99.9% amongst the other top strength coaches out there, it would be for PURE PASSION FOR TRAINING.

I don’t care what way shape or form I train only as long as I get to train and I get to train hard!

Having my own gym for the last few years has really been a blessing as now there’s absolutely NOBODY that can tell me what I can and cannot do in my own gym.

The bottom line is that training and the never ending journey of new knowledge and development within training will forever be a part of my life.

I will forever be a student of strength. Never will I be the strongest, fastest, most explosive, or even the most knowledgeable coach out there.  But one thing I know to be true in my mind that will always remain true, is that I’ll always be one passionate SOB about training!

Training hard as a Mo Fo (H.A.M.) and giving it everything I have each and every session will always DEFINE me.   Training for me allows me to truly be alive and LIVE!

Whether I be pouring sweat on a 110 degree day, struggling to deadlift a new PR, pushing on to just one more final round, or gasping for one more breath while running uphill sprints, training for me means to be truly FREE!

The struggle for more lean muscle, power, and raw strength will forever live on!

Who ever wants to come along for the ride and train without worries with full intent on giving it everything they have is welcome to join.
All the fake haters out there that don’t live the life and hide behind walls hidden from the real world, need to get the hell outta of our way because we’re not going to be stopped!

Relentless to the end!

I am training and training is me!

Try to beat my passion if you dare!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what TRAINING MEANS TO YOU!