There was another heat advisory today…

The radio said we were to stay inside and only go outside if you HAVE to.

Well, I HAVE to be outside TRAINING!

Nuff said!

Today’s training was ALL about SPEED, POWER, and CONDITIONING all rolled into one.

The workout – 6Rounds of a 200m sprints @ 90% and 70# KB Swings x 10.

My rest was a jog across the field back to the starting line on the track.

This tested me BIG TIME.

I haven’t run 200m sprints for a long time!

Not since high school when I used to get “lock ass”.  Ha ha.

You know when you’ve done a ton of sprints and your glutes and hammies are just pumped and filled with blood to the point where you can hardly walk let alone run another 200m!!!

Ahhh, the good ol days!

No better way to get back in it then to get right at it!

No messing around – just do it!

Like I mentioned in last weeks post, the 400m dash crushed me!

I felt a lot better with these today.

I Will keep progressing!

Tomorrow I hit the upper body hard!

Stay after it kids!

Get Forged Strong!