Monday’s are the sickest day to train!

I don’t know what it is but that’s what always gets my blood flowing!

Monday brings a new week of training.

Which means it’s another week I get to see if I can push myself even further and beyond what I did the last week.

This Monday was NO different.

My training for today was real old school – PLAIN and SIMPLE – Get the job done for sure!

Here it is:

Keeping it Real Old Scool!

1A) Power Clean to Hang Clean 6 x 2

2A) Front Squats 6 x 4 (I still HATE these BUT they are steadily improving!)

3A) KB Bottoms Up Press 4 x 6

3B) 1Arm Reclined Row with thick handle – these were KILLER!

4A) RDL 3 x 15

4B) Hanging Weighted Leg Raises 3 x 15 – Grip was Shattered!

Overall a very good day – very challenging!

I’m coming back tomorrow with some SPRINTS and SWINGS so stay turned for that workout!
Here’s a tune for you to crank!

Pure Old School Baby!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – If you have questions about training, or there are things you would like me to discuss, please share!

All I want to do is help people get stronger, faster, LEANER and MEANER!

Be Heard!