It’s Friday!

I get to train in my own gym!

I get to train athletes and people that wanna work hard!


What more could you ask for??

A trip to Maui maybe….

That’s in the future!

For now, it’s time to get busy!

Today’s workout was ALL about being explosive!  In fact – All workouts are about being EXPLOSIVE…

1A) Kneeling Barbell Jumps  6 x 3

2A) Extended ROM Deadlifts w/ Bands  6 x 4

For Time – 3 Rounds

3A) L-Seat Rope Climb x 1.5 (20 feet)

3B) Chain Push Ups x 15 (2 Chains)

3C) KB Swings x 15 (70#)

time – 6:02 – FU*KING BRUTAL!!!

4A) Mixed Ab Rollouts 3 x 20

4B) Farmer Carries 3 x Max  – These are FU*CKING Brutal after rope climbs!

I got it in and now I can enjoy the rest of my Friday!

I’m going to go enjoy a nice BEEF Burrito Bowl from Chipotle….  Maybe have TWO of them….

When you train this hard it’s OK to indulge a little!

Keep getting after it kids!

Get Forged Strong!