You know I’m ALL ABOUT building muscle and getting ripped!

But one of the things I pride myself on is my athletic abilities.

I’m able to move well, I’m quick, fast, can jump high, and my joints feel great!

I’m not braggin, I’m just saying.

If you’re reading this right now you need to be thinking the same thing.

What’s good about being ripped up if you can’t even move?

The things you do within your training need to always include different athletic type movements.

Jumps, skips, sprints, hops, ect….

Today was my off day so I decided to do just 1 single 400m dash.

I haven’t ran one for a few months so it was interesting.

I was really striding at the half way mark then turned it on at the end.

NOT good enough – :62 secs!

I need to have that down around :53.

That’s my goal for that.

Running this 400m felt great though.

It’s something different and unique to the body that it hasn’t experienced for a while.

Next week I’m going to throw in some 200m’s.

I remember back in the day in track practice…

I DREADED Tuesday’s because I knew it was speed work and we usually ran 10-15 200’s!!!

90% effort.

Our rest was just a walk across the field.

I hated track!  I just did it for football…

I actually enjoy running on a track more now than I used to then.

Funny how things change…

Keep yourself mobile and hostile!

Get Forged Strong!