There’s good workouts and then there’s  good workout’s you’ll remember forever!

This was one of those workouts…

All I have to say is I came 110% laser sighted, zeroed in and focused to hit this workout like it was going to be my last one ever.

I was feeling good and eager to hit it hard!

Sometimes when I head to the gym, a song will come on that gets me going like none other…


When I pulled up, the mind was right and it was TIME TO TRAIN…


1A) Weighted Kneeling Jumps 5 x 4

2A) Bench Press w/ Bands 8 x 3

3A) Feet Elevated Close Grip Push Ups w/ Chains 4 x Submax

3B) Bent DB Rows 4 x 10

3C) Hanging Leg Raises to Extension 4 x 12

4A) Heavy Sled Drags 5 x 40 yards

4B) Farmer Carries 5 x Submax

It was 95 Degrees in Omaha with about 80% Humidity….

A lot of people would’ve preferred to lift in a nice air  conditioning…

Not me, I prefer OLD SCHOOL…

Get Forged Strong!