Sometimes you have to make small sacrifices.

Today’s Saturday.  A day where most people sleep in till 930 or 10am and use the first day of the weekend as a day of relaxation and recreation.

I wake up at 430am every day Monday thru Friday so sometimes on Saturday’s it’s nice to wake up at 730 or 8.  Feels nice!

Not today…

I’ve got to get to my little nephew’s 5th B-Day party in Kansas City by 12 so I’ve got a bunch of things on my plate to get done!

So, instead of sleeping in, I woke up at 630am, brushed my teeth and slammed a Prograde Smoothie as I headed out the door to b-line it to The Forged Athlete Gym.

My goal was simple, get in this workout as fast as possible and get on with my day.

I got to the gym.

No music, no lights, no fan, no air conditioning, just get to business….

It was me and a heavy sled and two torpedo farmer handles….

I proceeded to load up the sled with 5 45lb plates.

I chalked up my hands, set up the cones 50 yards apart from eachother, and then it was GO TIME!.

Old School Strength –  Day 4 – Week 2 – 4 Rounds for time:

1A) 50 yard Forward Sled Drag

1B) 50 yard Backwards Sled Drag

1C) Farmer’s Carry x 100 yards

As I finished I noticed that when I pressed the stop watch at the beginning the mother-f***ing thing didnt start!

This ever happen to you???

Who cares, who’s keeping track anyways…

All that matter is that I got it in and now I can get on with my day…

Get Forged Strong!