Oh kids!

It was a GREAT Monday let me tell ya!

Monday is the day I like to focus on my weaknesses the most.

So there were some pistol squats mixed in with front squats in this workout.

two of my least favorite exercises.

I am steadily improving and actually starting to enjoy these exercises.

I need to keep progressing!  I can’t allow myself to plateau or settle for less.  NOT EVER!

Here was Day 1 – Week 5 Training Schedule:

1A) Power Cleans  6 x 2

2A) Front Squats 5 x 5  (Still pausing for a sec in the bottom of the squat)

3A) Barbell Push Press 3 x 5, 2 x 4

4A) Pistol Squats weighted 3 x 6

4B) Overhead Carries to Rack Walk to Farmer Carry 3 x max distance

*That is a GREAT exercise to tax the WHOLE body.  Will have to film it for next time!

5A) Sled Push

5B) Kettlebell Swings

**The parking lot we have is SH*T!  it’s hilly and rough BUT I’m not making excuses!  I couldn’t budge the sled on the last round so i had to remove the kettlebells and just push the sled.

I was pissed!  Will conquer this next week!

Check out the video:


I’ll be hitting some sandbag, kettlebells, and gymnastics movements in my next workout!

Can’t wait!

Get Forged Strong!