So you wanna get jacked up and strong?

If so, I’ve got a quick question for you: Are you doing the Olympic Lifts or their variations within your training program?

If you’re not, you should to be.  I’ve got the exact reasons WHY below…

Reason #1 – The Olympic Lifts are some the Fastest Lifts you can do!

One of the greatest benefits of the Olympic lifts (if you’re doing them right) is that they are performed at very high speeds.  This means the faster you move, the more muscles you’ll have to activate in order to do so.

For me, I’ve always kept Olympic lifts within my programs since after college because of all the major benefits associated with them, especially since they make you train fast.

Training fast and explosive at the beginning of your training session will help activate your body as a whole which will then cross over into your heavier strength lifts later on as well as your assistance exercises.

If you’re someone that’s trying to get stronger, bigger, and leaner, would you want your body using more muscle fibers or less?

We both know the answer to that and it’s exactly why you should be using Olympic Lifts or some other type of FAST speed movement at the beginning of your training session.

Reason #2 – Heavy Olympic Pulls = HUGE Traps and Jacked Back!


As you can see in the video above, one of the guys is performing a heavy but FAST snatch pull.  Nothing else hits your traps better then some high speed clean or snatch pulls.  Your traps activate and react best when used explosively like this

The other guy (who’s got some jacked up traps) is working some strict snatch grip presses, which are a great assistance exercise for the snatch.  If you go to the beginning of the video you’ll see…

Before you do the full lifts, you’ll always progress with the snatch and clean pulls first.

Snatch and Clean Pulls can be used with heavier loads to really target in on the traps and upper back and if you’re a beginner, you can use these not only to progress to get better at the Olympic Lifts themselves, you’ll build more muscle and strength in the process.

Reason #3 – Olympic Lifts Help Build Athleticism and POWER

Who doesn’t want more POWER and to be a better overall athlete?

Just look at these guys get after it in this OLD SCHOOL video…


These guys are obviously highly trained and very skilled in the Olympic Lifts as their all Olympic Athletes.

While you may never reach their level of strength and power, you can certainly always try to progress up to their level!

The important note that I’m trying to state here is the fact that each of these guys have gotten themselves better athletically by just implementing in the Olympic Lifts.

Their STRONG, FAST, and highly EXPLOSIVE…

In order to get better at what they do, they needed to improve their strength and the overall ability to be mobile.  Power, conditioning, and everything else just comes along with this training overtime.

I for one, base ALL of my training on performance and if f you’re not getting stronger, faster, better, you need to be changing up your training in some way.

Getting LEAN and JACKED up are just by-products of training for performance and when you properly implement in the Olympic Lifts (and eat RIGHT) you’ll do just that.

Reason #4 – Olympic Lifting Will Get You LEAN

It should be quite obvious from the amount of skill and concentration is takes to perform the different Olympic Lifts correctly that they are some of the best BANG for your BUCK movements you can do.

The Olympic Lifts no doubt take a ton of energy to perform and will jack up your heart rate like none other.

Just do a set of 5 touch and go power cleans if you’ve never done so and you’ll feel what I’m talking about…

If you’re someone that’s looking to build more muscle and get LEAN at the same time, implementing in the different Olympic Lifts into your program will help this goal tremendously.

But, before you go doing a 90 rep Snatch Ladder, thinking that will slap loads of muscle onto your frame, STOP!  Don’t be a dumbass…

You always want to TRAIN SMART.

You don’t need to get yourself to the level at which the guys are in the videos above, but rather focus on using the Olympic Lifts as tools to help you better achieve your strength and physique goals by using them right.

With any training program, you main focus should be to properly progress yourself while staying injury free and if you’re extremely bad at the Olympic Lifts, either regress down to just using DB’s and Sandbags for Olympic Lifting OR make sure to learn from a credible source.

By credible source I mean hire yourself a good coach or get this program.

If you’ve never done Olympic Lifting before, that would be my first response in regards to guiding you forward.

Now for a FR*EE kickass resource for you…

Just the other night, Eric Wong and I got together to discuss some in’s and out’s within Olympic Training on a call that I opened up to my readers.  If you were on that call, you know we dropped some great info.

If you weren’t on the call and couldn’t make it, I’m giving you access to it below.

The call was only about 40 mins long and if you’re interested at all in getting yourself better at the Olympic Lifts and as an athlete for that matter, you’ll find the time to listen to it.

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I’ve been getting some more questions in regards to Olympic Lifting, so I’ll be doing another follow up post to answer these questions.

Go ahead and post up your Olympic Lifting questions in the comments below so I can add them in!

Keep Living and Training Aggressive!

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