While I was in the Dirty Jersey at my boy Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength Conference, I was lucky enough to get a kickass throwdown in at his gym.

Evey time I go back to Zach’s gym, I get goose bumps that go up and down my whole body.

This is where everything for me really started to come together.

Back in February of 2008, I attended Zach’s 2nd ever Underground Strength Coach Cert and that truly changed my life completely.

Since then, The Forged Athlete was born, TrainAggressive.com was created, and everything else for that matter has just blown up.

The last night I was in the Dirty Jersey after a bunch of us had dinner, Zach opened the doors to the Underground for us to come in and tear some sh*t up.

Zach handed me over the reigns and let me design the training session for the crew…

There’s nothing much else better then when you’re training with a bunch of other people that are totally focused in on going 110% H.A.M.

Honestly, it didn’t even matter what type of workout we were about to go through, as I knew each and every person who was there was truly ready to go nuts!

This was an inspiring training session, as the intensity of the atmosphere was just simply unreal.

It made pushing yourself that much easier as when you got a bit tired, when you would see the person next to you going hard and not resting, who was digging’ in deep and getting after it, it made you want to go that much harder.

After the workout was finished I felt damn good.

Such great times with great people.

If you’re not currently doing so, make sure that you get out and train with other people and in places that allow you to GO H.A.M..

Get out of the place you normally train at every now and then to switch things up a bit.

You may just find a new spot that brings out even more in you then where you’re at now.

What’s critical is this:  You must also have you mind set on WAR.  When it’s time to train, it’s time to do battle.  It’s time to let loose and become that beast that’s within you.

Don’t be like most people who just go through the motions when they train.

Train with INTENSITY.

Train with FOCUS.


Be one of the few that really connect with what their doing and dig deep to get better each and every time they train.

I know that for one since you’re now reading this blog, you already know and you already do this 😉

Now, here’s a highlight of the Underground Throwdown we blasted out…


Everyone was going 110% H.A.M. and that’s what I loved most.

This training session was designed to get us moving around as we were all sitting for most of the day.

We started things off with a 4 movement circuit that included some single arm power snatches, squats, push ups, and kettlebell swings.  A great mix of some power, strength and speed.

Then we hit up a super-set composed of some Kettlebell Lunges and any pull variation to submax reps.

If you can notice, I hit the body in multiple ways with multiple types of movements.  It’s important with these types of workouts that you balance out your movements.

There’s pushing, pulling, rotation…

Bottom Line – EVERYONE was there to kickass and make themselves better which is what matter most! 

Now it’s time for you to let loose on this bad boy as well.  Go ahead and take yourself through it and let me know how you feel at the end in the comments below.  What kind of numbers can YOU put up in the 2 min sit out challenge?

Just focus in on pushing yourself as much as you can (within your limits), have your mindset flipped onto 110% H.A.M. mode and don’t worry about anything else.

The rest will take care of itself…

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!